About Us

After celebrating 25 years at my York hair salon, I decided it was time to pursue my other passion, and founded Donna Marie Harland Lingerie. Fashion has always been an important part of my identity, so I took the plunge and began designing a luxury lingerie range.

Over several months, I refined my designs, built relationships with local designers, delved deep into material choices and finalised products that not only look beautiful and elegant, but are comfortable too. It is important to me that anyone can buy DMH Lingerie, so the brief design features discreet adjustable straps to allow for a perfect comfort fit. 

Growing up in Yorkshire, I wanted the lingerie brand to have a clear heritage, with a statement rose design embroidered onto each piece. I also work with local manufacturers so every part of my products are made in the heart of Yorkshire. There are a range of designs to choose from, and every order arrives in a luxury box.

I’m excited to continue expanding the Donna Marie Harland range to bring comfortable elegance to your everyday life. 

Donna x